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Pornography and tarot will disappear of the local TDT
The new contest of terrestrial digital television for the sector, approved by the Catalan Government, will cause that the pornography in abierto and the tarot disappear of the programming, two of the spaces that have grown more in the programming of the deprived local TV

In the first case, because the Law of the Audio-visual one, that prepares the Congress and the Catalan Parliament, prohibits the pornography in open specifically. And in the case of the tarot, because the clauses for the concession of the new frequencies penalize “the deceptive or fraudulent contents that can generate economic benefits to the operator to the detriment of the hearing”. The bases of the contest, that will serve to grant 59 deprived channels, that they will be added to other 37 of municipal ownership, include other new features. For example, the door is abre to the creation of thematic channels of local scope, a possibility that can economically be viable in great urban concentrations like Barcelona and its metropolitan area. Also the model of proximity television is favored and it will prioritize, at the time of evaluating the different proposals, those initiatives that credit experience in contents near the spectator and which already they are emitting in the demarcation by which they appear.

Great groups

In an attempt to preserve the Catalan model of local television in front of the great groups, the clauses approved by the Govern give a capital importance to the programming, that will represent 55% of the total score. Another 25% will arise from the economic proposal that presents/displays the concessionary company and 20% rest of the technological project.

The new local transmitters of TDT will not be able to emit in chain. It is only allowed that the joint programming occupies 25% of the time of weekly emission. The reason, according to the chief of a main directorate of Mitjans i Serveis Audiovisuals of the Catalan Autonomous Government, Santiago Ramentol, is that the contest like via creating a state television of second division is used.

50% in Catalan language

Finally, the new operators will have to guarantee a minimum of 50% of the emissions in Catalan language, although the points to secure the license will increase insofar as east percentage is increased. Also the initiatives that improve the obligation to offer original televising programs during a minimum of 4 hours daily and 32 weeklies, between the 13,00 and 16,00 hours and in the strip will be evaluated positively that goes of the 20,00 to the 23,00 hours.

Beginning of the emissions

The companies that choose to a license of local television must until the 9 of January to present/display their proposals. These will be evaluated by the Consell of l'Audiovisual of Catalonia (MILLRACE), whose binding opinion will be ready, if the forecasts are fulfilled, in the middle of April of the 2006. The Catalan Autonomous Government anticipates that the first emissions of TDT begin in September of the next year. Those televisions that obtain a license will be able to solicit to emit simultaneously in analogical and digitalis until January of the 2008, whenever it allows the radioelectric phantom it. The technical solutions to make the duplicity feasible will go in charge of the operators.

(the Newspaper, 09-11-05)

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