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30 TVC will send to November a new channel and will have seven in two years
Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) will send next the 30 of November a new digital channel, Channel 300, that will count on a programming integrated in a 80% by series and a 20% by cinema

The chief of a main directorate of the Catalan Corporation of Radio and Televisión (CCRTV), Smart Joan, and the director of TVC, Francesc Notary public, has explained the plans of the Catalan public television to unfold the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) in the course of the commission of control of the Parlament.

Once obtained the necessary frequencies and resources, including in the budgets of the Catalan Autonomous Government for 2006, TVC has chosen to give green light, first, to the emission of Channel 300, in which it supposes “the most important challenge to the one than our television faces at the moment”, in words of Notary public.

The TVC manager has assured that east name has been chosen because the appearance of number 3 sends to all the televising universe that turns around TV3, and has advanced that the objective is to associate it in addition to a new channel to data, Channel 3i, to which it will be acceded by Internet through TDT monitors to supply extra information.

80% of the emissions of the new channel will be of other people's production and the majority of the promotional spaces and announcements will be tie to the cinema.

After Channel 300, TVC will send in the middle of 2006 two new digital channels, specialized in cultural and infantile programming, and that will replace the C33/K3 that, thus, will unfold.

At the end of the next year, the Corporation also hopes that another digital channel dedicated to the sports starts up, and throughout 2007 it would send the Citizen Channel, which would elevate to seven the digital channels of the Catalan public television, since as much TV3, as C33 and the 3/24 already is emitted now with this new technology.

Smart Joan has aimed who this supply will leave at the moment without occupying a eighth channel that still is about to decide if it will send itself or it takes advantage simply to improve the quality of definition of some of which already they will be in active-duty.

At present, the five analogical television networks of state scope (TVE1, the 2, and private Tele 5, Antenna 3 and Four) emit in digitalis.

Unlike the analogical television, where each frequency or channel corresponds to a unique program, the TDT allows to the diffusion like minimum of four programs by frequency or shared channel, due to the best advantage of the bandwidth.


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