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Sex doubles its presence in seven years in the TV of the United States
The scenes of sexual content are more and more frequent in the programmings of the American television networks, in which almost it has duplicated to his presence in the last seven years, according to a report

In agreement with the study, the majors dose of sex agree with the hours of maximum hearing, and near eight of each ten of the emissions they include references to the sexuality or they show some type of sexual relation.

The report, elaborated by professors of communication of the University of Arizona, is based on an analysis of 1,154 programs and was realized by order of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a group of character deprived with soothes in California.

Emitted in 2004 and 2005 by the main chains of the country - ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, among others, those programs included all the sorts of the grill, except news, sport broadcastings and infantile emissions.

The analysis reveals that the scenes of contained major sexual occur in the films: a 92% of them show to loving relations or some type of verbal reference to sex, and the series, as much in key of humor as dramatic do, it in a 87%.

“Reality show” constitutes, on the contrary, the programs of entertainment in which there is a smaller presence of sex, with a 28%.

The report emphasizes that in 1998 the references and scenes of sexual content in the small screen were a little more three hourly, but at present they are placed around six.

It emphasizes in addition that in 1998 - when the investigating group initiated its investigation, that has a biennial regularity in 56% of the emissions appeared sexual scenes or references, whereas that percentage has risen at present to 70%.

The percentage raises other seven points in the considered hours of maximum hearing.

Coqueteos, kisses, tocamientos…

In the report all the are entered like scenes of “sexual content” that include flirteos, hints, coqueteos, kisses of passion and tocamientos.

Also it includes conferences and to char them of experts and specialists in sexuality, as well as conversations between fiction personages who allow to imagine to the viewer who the protagonists of the film or the series will finish in the bed.

The images that show the sexual act of explicit form are also including in the count.

This last aspect is unique, however, in which televising sex registers, although the light one, a tendency to the loss, after to have reached its summit in 2002, when it was emitted in 14% of the programs, which supposes a reduction of three points.

That is to say, pure and hard sex is seen now less in the North American homes, although in them it is spoken more on sex and loving dreams.

(Agencies, 14-11-05)

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