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Boomerang turns a year of life
Seeing by the infantile public in October while Cartoon Network stays like the unquestionable leader between the Spanish children, with a quota of screen of 18.4% throughout 2005 is the second channel more

Boomerang, the channel that offers the best series of classic and familiar cartoons, will turn next the 1 of December its first anniversary with excellent numbers of hearing that have located him in October like the second thematic channel more seeing by the children among 4 and 12 years, with a 6.6% of share (Source: Sofres A.M. Ref: Thematic. Period: October 2005).

On the other hand, Cartoon Network, the channel that offer the best ones and the most innovating series of animation of the moment, among them “Supernenas”, “the laboratory of Dexter”, “Foster, the house of the imaginary friendly” or “Code: KND”, has stayed of uninterrupted form in 2005 like the absolute leader enters the children of 4 12 years, reaching a 18.4% of share (Source: Sofres A.M. Ref: Thematic. Period: January-November 2005), with more than 11 points of difference with respect to its immediate competitor.

Altogether, the infantile channels of Turner lead the infantile thematic televising market (young among 4 and 12 years) with a 67.4% of quota of screen (Source: Sofres A.M. 4-12. Ref: Thematic. Ranking of commercial channels. Period: January-November 2005). These numbers give idea of the absolute and unquestionable superiority that Cartoon Network and Boomerang in 2005 have secured once again, thanks to a programming so varied as funny.

Without a doubt, 2005 have been a especially important year for both infantile channels of Turner also in which to his distribution it talks about. Besides its presence in Digital+, Boomerang was gotten up recently to Auna and Ono, whereas Cartoon Network, also presents/displays in Digital+, entered to a few months ago comprise of the programming of Imagenio, being united in this way to Combines, Ono, Retecal and Telecable, the rest of platforms that daily offer the channel to their spectators.


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