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    Preparation the launching of the Inmarsat-4 satellite

    The first Inmarsat-4 will be positioned in geostationary orbit in the length 65º This, which will allow Inmarsat to give cover to almost all Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as well as the Indian Ocean

    The commercial communications satellite Inmarsat-4 will be sent from Cabo Cane plantation (the USA) this Thursday, 10 of March, on board a throwing Atlas V of International Launch Services. The satellite has been designed and constructed by EADS Astrium, and is destined to provide the network with broadband global area (BGAN), a new service that will provide to connectivity of broadband Internet and movable communication of continuous voice around the world.

    A second satellite will send the next summer to cover South America, almost all North America, the Atlantic Ocean and leaves from the Pacific, informed EADS.

    The Inmarsat-4 satellites are equipped with system of electrical propulsion and their solar paddles of 45 meters in length generate 14 kilowatts (kW) of electric power at the beginning of life and the satellite approximately weighs about 5,950 kilograms in the launching. Its body measures seven meters of height.


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