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22 new channels from the 30 of November
The TDT will completely replace in Spain the conventional television in 2010 in the denominated analogical blackout and as of that date it will not be possible to be acceded to the TV via terrestrial without having a receiver of DS

The digital emissions already are in operation from year 2002 and the emissions of all the national chains can be seen besides I see TV and of Net TV. The channels asked the government to emit in analogical, but the proposal was finally rejected.

The televising supply will multiply in Spain as of December. The new channels arrive that will comprise of the TDT. The private operators already have presented/displayed to the Ministry of Industry their supplies for the beginning of the new channels. The 30 of November are the date limit marked by the law so that they begin to emit. Each one of the three commercial operators will be able to accede to three additional channels in TDT. One of them will be used to repeat the analogical signal. The other two will have to offer differentiated contents.

Supply of Telecinco

Telecinco will send before end of the month of November two digital channels, one completely dedicated to the sport and another one to the fiction, under the names of Telecinco Sport and Telecinco Stars, respectively. The third digital channel of the chain will follow, like until now, emitting the conventional programming.

“Telecinco Sports”: It will most of dedicate his programming to those sports that, in spite of being Olympic in the majority of the cases, almost do not have cover in the sport programming of the generalist televisions.

“Telecinco Stars”: It will be dedicated exclusively to the fiction and it tries abrir a window on the Spanish audio-visual industry. Series, preopenings and making off will be the ingredients of the new digital channel.

“Digital Telecinco”: The conventional programming of the analog channel, with the digital quality and the interactive advantages that the format will offer.

Supply of Antenna 3

Antenna 3, although has still not determined the definitive title that they will have his channels, yes knows clearly the contents with which the platform will seduce its public in its digital adventure.

“Infantile Antenna 3”: It will dedicate his programming to the youngest public. The infantile container Megatrix, that has been 10 years in Antenna 3, will be one of the great tricks to cover its programming. The channel will emit series of cuts youthful and cartoons.

“Antenna 3 Woman”: The chain has asked for a channel to emit a programming focused to the feminine public. The digital platforms include or thematic channels for the woman, like “Cosmopolitan”, “Style” or “She”.

“Antenna 3 Digitalis”: The conventional programming of the analog channel, with the digital quality and the interactive advantages that the format will offer.

Supply of Sogecable

The 7 of November landed channel Four with analogical signal. Sogecable, the channel led by Telephone HASTE and, proposes to spread through new digital support other two channels that accompanied the conventional one.

CNN+: News articles, the present time, the news and continuous and uninterrupted information. CNN+ for all the public will be abrirá. The channel that offers continuous information the 24 hours sees at the moment through the payment platforms.

40TV: Channel that emits 24 hours of music, videos, programs of own production and lists of national and foreign successes. It will be emitted in open for the spectators of terrestrial digital television. At the moment it is seen through the payment platforms.

Four Digitalis: The conventional programming of the analog channel, with the digital quality and the interactive advantages that the format will offer.

Supply of Sixth

The past 29 of July the Cabinet approved a Real Decree by which the incorporation of a new analog channel of television in the National Technical Plan of Private Television is approved. A new hollow destined to the last analog channel that at the moment is in contest and that will be adjudged no later than the 2 of December.

The last analog channel in Spain, before the total blackout of the 2010, will be decided after the resolution of the contest to that they choose the producers associated in “Sixth” and Blas Blacksmith. Sixth it has presented/displayed a supply to manage another channel in TDT.

The Sixth Digitalis: The same contents that the analog channel but with the quality and the options of the digital television will emit.

Sixth Digitalis 2: One will nourish of cultural information and other contents related to the leisure.

Sixth Digitalis 3: The sport information twenty-four hours.

Supply of Net and Veo

They will have two digital channels each.

Supply of the TVE

The most attractive supply and than will have more variety is the one of the TVE. One will be made up of seven digital channels. Most of they already can be seen by other satellites and cable operators.

Clan the TVE: Infantile channel that will share the signal with the “Channel 50 years” and that will be emitted at night until the 21:30. The programming will be made up of drawings and animated series. Most of they will be of own production.

Channel 50 years: It will share his signal with the infantile channel. Every day of 21:30 to 23:30 the Channel 50 years will emit series and programs of the TVE that at the time made history. Among them already they have been programmed:

“1, 2, 3… It responds again” of Chicho Sawing Ibáñez.
“Histories not to sleep” of Chicho Sawing Ibáñez.
“The key” of Jose Luis Balbín.
“The man and the Earth” of Felix Rodriguez of the Source
“Directísimo” with Jose Maria Iñigo.

The channel will not follow the same programming that “Nostalgia”, thematic from the TVE that recovers spaces of the chain and that digital platform ONO came emitting until this month in its package of channels. The signal of Nostalgia can solely be seen through Euskaltel, the Basque cable operator.

Channel 24 hours: The news 24 hours. First it emits in his dawns the programming of this channel.

Teledeporte: Sport information 24 hours.

Great Documentary: The channel gathers documentary of the TVE and at the moment it is emitted through other operators.

Classic channel: The channel emits 24 hours of classic music, with special interest to the representations of the RTVE orchestra.

Parliamentary channel: It will pick up the parliamentary sessions, like “Parliament” makes the channel now and in addition it will be accompanied by other useful information for the citizen: state of the traffic, the time, calls of scholarships, advice of health…

Citizen channel: The users will be able to accede to Electronic Guía of Programas (EPG) and to a version of the telex remarkably improved. There will be an option to consult information on the stock markets, the situation of the traffic or the weather forecasts. Also connections with some Urgencies and the Administration will be facilitated.

What makes lack to see the new supply?

The Channel 50 years of the TVE will begin its emission the 30 of November with a Gallic tribute to the fifty years of the channel. The emission will be able to be followed in analogical and by the 2 of the TVE. After the finery the channel will continue its digitalis emissions solely. Everybody cannot accede to the new contents of the Terrestrial Digital Television.

Most of the homes cannot receive the image and the digital sound in their analogical apparatuses. One calculates that at the moment in Spain there are about 50 million television sets distributed by 12 million homes. But it will not be necessary to change of television.

The Spanish homes do not have to undo of their televisions to be able to tune the new supplies, but with connecting a small system, whose price goes up to around the 60 Euros, that the digitalis signal transforms to analogical is sufficient. If one is buildings that they have installed a communitarian antenna, they will have to also add a general tuner for all the neighbors.

(Several, 15-11-05)

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