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The business of the TV deprived in Spain grows a 14.5% to the year
3 antenna and Telecinco is two of the most profitable chains of Europe, according to information that review the behavior of the sector and their legal future presented/displayed by the association that groups the private televisions

The grouped private televisions in the Union of Televisiones Comerciales Asociadas (UTECA) entered 3,125 million Euros in 2004, a 14.5% more than the previous year, after an excellent behavior of the advertizing market, that grew a 16% in the small screen. UTECA asks that the project of Law of the Reformation of the Public Radio and the Television include the prohibition of which the state and autonomic televisions make any type of sponsorship and telesales.

3 antenna and Telecinco, two of the most profitable chains of Europe

Thus one takes shelter in individual information presented/displayed today in Madrid by the association, in which one reviews the behavior of the sector and its legal future. Of the economic side, according to Luis Jiménez, analyst of Deloitte for UTECA, the past year was extraordinary, and has located to 3 Antenna and Telecinco like two of the three more profitable television networks of Europe. According to its forecasts, 2005 will be simply spectacular.

The operation income raised a 14.5%, impelled by the recovery of the advertizing income, and by good behavior of the market of the pay television, that saw raise to its income 9 by %. According to the consultant, the containment of the costs has been also determining, with a reduction of 138 million Euros, mainly in consumption of programs, after completing the digital fusion.

The study of the market explains that the past exercise was first of the history led in hearings by the deprived chains, to which has added the increase of the cost in television announcements. The private TV monopolized 23% of the cost of the conventional means advertisers, whereas the public ones added the 20 percent. Only the increase of in advertizing income represents 90% of total increase of income.

In 2005, the two private televisions analogical nationals --Telecinco and Antena 3-- they reached the absolute record in his numbers of invoicing and benefits, and the advertizing invoicing took off a 22.3%. The implanted mechanisms of advertizing management in the past have turned to the deprived chains in agile economic machineries and very profitable, it affirms the study.

In spite of this optimism, Jiménez aimed that the market of the publicity in the audio-visual one is near surroundings limit, reason why augured that many companies will have to undertake internal processes of reconstruction of the cost to improve their efficiency. In addition, it indicated, the televisions will have to operate “new forms of publicity like the product positioning that moves away of traditional “the spot”.

On the other hand, the payment market maintained levels of entrance over the forecasts after the fusion, process that has been favored by the loss of clients, that “has improved the quality of which they have remained paid”. The evolution of losses since then, has been much more positive, from 22% in 2004 to the 12.4 percent in 2005, in line with the main European operators, and little incidence of the cable.

The patricionios represent the 10% of the income in the TVE

In parallel to the economic report, the Union of Televisiones Comerciales Asociadas (UTECA) presented/displayed its legal conclusions about the legal new features that the Government anticipates to introduce in the sector. About the RTVE reform, Santiago Muñoz Machado, university professor of the University of Alcala, set out the UTECA reserves on the definition little needs the functions on watch public, and around the lack of concretion in the agreement reached with the Government the 25 of October to limit the publicity in the public chains.

In this respect, UTECA goes further on and asks that the Project of Law incorporates the prohibition to emit the following types of publicity: spirits of graduation superior to 20 degrees, esoteric services, married agencies or of contacts, and spaces of telesales. In addition, it asks that any form of televising sponsorship happens to be completely prohibited in the public televisions.

(EP, 17-11-05)

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