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The emigrants request to the TVE a more attractive international channel
Representatives of the Spanish residents abroad hope to maintain before year end a meeting with the TVE director the International to demand one more a more attractive programming after losing Spain-Slovakia

The complaints have intensified after nonemission the past 12 of November of the soccer match Spain-Slovakia, that practically assured the classification our country for the World-wide one of Germany.

We are not requesting a commercial programming, but more updated, because many programs are already very past and they do not contribute anything, and the films generally they are very old fashioned. It would be one more a more cultural programming well and than it takes care of better the Spanish emigrants, according to Frank, member Jose of the General Council of the Emigration and resident in Switzerland.

The subject already was approached in one recent meeting of this organ, with the presence of a representation of Spanish Television, and an interview agreed before year end that still does not have date, added Franc. In his opinion, the complaints on the emission of soccers match do not come from back, because for years the TVE the International has not been emitting parties of the selection. That is not understood that a party like the one of the past 12 of November is not emitted, that in addition gambled in Madrid and it was emitted in direct by Spain Television, lamented Franc, added that also it was stopped offering a long time ago the summaries of Liga.

This representative of the collective emigrant emphasizes that the real desire of the Spanish residents abroad is not a special programming, but to be able to so see the chains of the TVE for Spain what, and said that Italy does the own thing with RAI.

On the other hand, sources of Spanish Television explained that Spain-Slovakia was not emitted in addition by the international channel, because the rights for the broadcasting of the party outside Spain were not sold.

The TVE the International in its version for Europe can attract in open through the most commercial satellites, like Astra1 (19, º This), Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) and Hispasat (30º the West).

(Several, 17-11-05)

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