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Brussels reaches an agreement with English Liga of soccer
The European Commission agrees to an agreement with the Premier League so that this one diversifies the sale of the rights of broadcasting of the parties and stops adjudging them exclusively to the BSkyB platform

This commitment is the result of an investigation of the communitarian Executive on possible restrictive practices in the sale of the televising rights on the part of the Premier League.

The English competition will from now on sell its rights of broadcasting of parties in 6 packages balances, and it will not be allowed that a single operator can buy them all. The packages will be sold to the best postor, and the auctions will be controlled by a commissioner, selected by the Commission, that will inform into if they are respected or not them commitments.

The commissariats of Competition, Neelie Kroes, were declared satisfied with being able to find a satisfactory solution to a case that began in December of 2002. The commitments offered by the Premier League will assure that the televising rights are sold of right and satisfactory form, and will give to the British fans to soccer more possibilities of election and more benefits by their money, said.

The communitarian Executive will now prepare a decision project that will turn legally into binding the commitments of English Liga. The text will be sent to the authorities of competition of the Member States for consultations, and finally the Commission will make a definitive decision no later than the first trimester from 2006.


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