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RTVE bases in a 4.6% the fall of advertizing income in the first semester
The chief of a main directorate of the being, Carmen Caffarel, has explained that the advertizing income of the group in the first semester of 2005 were of a 95.4% with respect to the reached ones in the same period of time of 2004

This official calculation of the reduction of advertizing income in RTVE is noticeably superior to the considered one in the Infoadex report on advertizing investment in the first semester of 2005, that gave account of a fall of only three tenth on equal period of 2004, with a volume of 383.7 million Euros, and one quota of market which it happened from the 28.5 to the 24.8 due to the increase of the investment in the deprived chains, superior to 24%.

However, in his parliamentary answer to a deputy of the PP, Caffarel it emphasizes that in the second trimester of this year, the advertizing income surpassed the obtained ones in the same period of 2004.

On the other hand, the main directorate of the being calculates that the level of budgetary execution in the chapter of income of RTVE for the set of 2005 is placed in a 96%.


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