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The TVE will increase more of a 30% its volume of own production this season
Spanish television has predicted to increase in a 31% the volume of own production for season 2005-2006, if it is compared with the awaited thing for year 2005

According to it consists in a parliamentary answer to the deputy of the PP Wild Macarena, the anticipated volume of own production for new season 2005-2006 is of 3,675 hours, to which other 468 of mixed production must be added.

According to is advancing the season, they will be studied, producing and approving new projects that form and complete the grill, adds the answer of the main directorate.

In appearance in Congress the past 27 of October, the chief of a main directorate of the being, Carmen Caffarel, assured that the own production represented 69% of the total volume of programming anticipated in 2005, with 2,788 hours, while the mixed production for this year ascended to the 14%, that is to say, 570 hours.


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