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Sport TV approaches means million subscribers
The sport channel of Portuguese payment has been turning 7 years of life with the forecast to send one third version during 2006 after the beginning for some weeks of Sport TV 2

47% of the subscribers of Sport TV follow the channel through the digital platform TV Cabo, according to has confirmed Bessa Tavares, administrator of Sport TV, in an interview to the Daily Portuguese newspaper of the News.

Sport TV is one of the channels more seeing of TV Cabo, that also it is distributed to the mesh wirings of the lusitano country.

Before the success reaped by this chain monothematic premium, their people in charge decided to send some weeks ago the second version, Sport TV 2, also of payment, and that is commercialized through the option Funtastic Live, that Integra a package of several channels.

Sport TV 2 offers transmissions in direct and in differed from several sport events, emphasizing Portuguese Liga of soccer and Spanish Liga, as well as Champions League.

In the same interview, Bessa Tavares, does not even discard the launching during the next year of Sport 3 TV and one fourth version.


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