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The soap operas represent a 22% of the fiction that is emitted in television
The produced series of fiction in Latin America represent a 21.7% of the total programmed in the week by the television networks, against as soon as a 2.2% of European production

The North American fiction stays in head, with a 44.3% of the time destined to this sort, and the Spanish teleseries reach a 28.1%. Itself the strip of diurnal programming is considered, the soap operas reach a 30.4% of the programming of this sort, while they do not have “prioritize-Time” presence, strip in which the Spanish teleseries reach a 55.7% of the sort, and those of Hollywood a 39.9%.

According to a report realized by the Latin American Observatory of the Televising Fiction, the emission of own fiction programs of the first semester of this year in Spain emphasizes over the one of the Latin American countries, but only in relation to the 62 titles (the major of the history of the Spanish TV) against 23. However, Latin America, with 1,130 hours (61%) and 1,410 episodes (57%) is constituted in the region of greater productive weight in the Spanish screens. From the 23 latinaomericanas productions, 13 come from Mexico (with 566 hours of production emitted against the 702 of Spain) 5 of Colombia and 3 of Venezuela.

All the soap operas use the autonomic windows, especially Canary, the most favorable region to the Latin product distribution, with 8 titles programmed in the semester. The study, published by the magazine of the Academy of the TV, indicates that of the 23 Latin titles, only 5 have been programmed in a television of national reach (4 in TVE-1 and 1 in Antenna 3), which explains the little perception that is had of the real weight of the Latin American fiction in Spain.

Latin America and Miami have seven great present producing televisions in Spain, between which they emphasize Television, with 11 soap operas, and Telemundo, with 6. Between both they produce 4 of the 5 soap operas programmed at national level in the first semester of 2005.

Soap operas in Digital+

In Spain it is only the Digital+ platform that has in its supply a monothematic channel of 24 hours dedicated to novels. One is popular the Soap operas of the powerful Television Mexican company, with an excellent welcome in all the European continent, where also it is distributed through the mesh wirings.


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