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Almost nine million of European will see the TV by Internet in 2009
The telephone ones hope that services as the IPTV reports substantial income to them, now its main business, the residential fixed lines, faces an increasing competition and falls in the prices

Near nine million of European they will watch by Internet in 2009, which supposes a 9.4% of the market at the moment dominated by the cable and the satellite. This increase multiplied by thirteen of the demand of television on IP - IPTV- from present the 658,000 clients will be managed mainly by telephone companies, according to Daniel Schmitt, of Screen Digest, company author of a study on the matter.

The telephone ones hope that services as the IPTV reports substantial income to them, now their main business - the residential fixed lines face an increasing competition and falls in the prices. More express in Europe and Asia will emerge that in the USA, Schmitt added, that adds that similar initiatives of companies of American telecommunications as soon as they are on way.

In France, three main operators, France Télécom, Free Télécom and Neuf Telecom, already have near 280,000 clients of IPTV, which places to the Gallic market like leader in Europe. In Italy, the broadband group Fastweb has 190,000 subscribers, whereas his dominant rival, Telecom Italia, said that more than four million of Italian they must have IPTV cover after the conclusion of his tests, that they began in July.

According to the prognoses of Screen Digest, the greater penetration of IPTV will occur in France, Italy and Spain, where it will reach the 20, 17 and 16% of his respective markets of pay television in next the four years. The new situation is taking to the companies of cable and satellite to also offer the service.

Many traditional suppliers of pay television are realizing of which they also must adopt IPTV technologies to continue being competitive, concludes Schmitt.


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