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The television will finance World-wide the 2006 of Germany
The FIFA will enter about 1,400 million Euros (about 240,000 million pesetas) for rights of television of the World-wide one of soccer of the 2006 in Germany, according to a study of the financial consultant's office Deloitte

It supposes a clear increase with respect to the income that the federation that presides over Joseph Blatter obtained of the World-wide one of the 2002, calculated in near 960 million Euros (about 160,000 million pesetas).

More from 60% of the total of these predicted income it will come from Europe, with 940 million Euros (156,000 million pesetas), whereas Hispano-America and Asia add 170 million Euros (28,400 million pesetas).

The income of the Middle East, Africa, the Australian Continent and North America will be placed in the 43 million Euros (7,000 million pesetas).

The rights of emission of the World-wide one in Spain of bought them to 1982 Telephone, that paid to the German group Kirch about 150 million Euros (almost 25,000 million pesetas) by the championships of the 2002 and the 2006. And although not yet the price has been made public of the package, yes has been confirmed that all the chains, as much public as prevailed, are interested in emitting it.


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