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Telecinco anticipates to close year with an increase in advertizing income superior in the 15%
The Spanish private chain anticipates to close the 2005 best exercise of its history with an increase in advertizing income gross superiors to 15% with respect to 2004 until reaching more than 880 million Euros

To thus the delegated adviser of Telecinco has declared it, Guiseppe Tringali, that highly considers the results satisfactory and that locate to the company in the leadership of the advertizing market, besides being leader in quota of market, invoicing and yield.

If these results to the data reached in 2003 and 2004 are added it does that Publiespaña, the branch of publicity of the group Gestevisión Telecinco, has in the last increased three years around a 55%.

In addition, Tringali values the data of Publimedia Management, the branch of Publiespaña in charge of the commercialization of diverse supports multimedia pertaining to the Telecinco Group, indicating the excellent trajectory followed throughout the year that has allowed a foreseeable increase among 8 and 9% with respect to 2004, which is translated to a number superior to the 23 million Euros.

President of Telecinco, Alexander Echevarría, has indicated, on the other hand, that the chain is in a leadership position that is going to continue maintaining in 2006, since it considered that the next year will be a good year, that they will approach with optimism due to the put into operation of two digital channels and the predicted activity build-up.

Competition with Four

Before the new situation in the televising market with the appearance of channel Four, Tringali declared not to be scared before this situation, although it recognized that everything will be harder. In this subject, the president of Telecinco assured that Four are doing what had to do, although remembered that always we have defended that Spain had sufficient televising supply and deficit of informative plurality does not exist.

Thus, for Echevarría the appearance of new television channels will repel in radio and television, sectors that are going to suffer, in his opinion, this increase in the next years because there is no sufficient market for as much televising supply.

In this sense, it considered that an excess of supply in autonomic channels exists, local and also national and that the Government of Spain has little listened to the sector, while was useful to remember the request realized to the executive of which the public television is in a service public and that well it is financed and it does not realize disloyal competition, requesting that and nourishes more of the budget than of the publicity.

Finally, it asked the Government who fulfills the predicted thing in the electoral program of the PSOE in which the reduction of 12 to six minutes of publicity for the public television was promised.

(Several, 24-11-05)

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