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Sixth, the new analog channel
The Spanish Government grants the fourth analog channel of television to the Managing Society of Audio-visual Investments Sixth, that he will have to begin to emit before six months

The chain is composed by society GAMP - Group Tree, Bainet, Drive, the Terrat and Mediapro-, that count on 60% of the actions and the Television Mexican group - a 40% -. “Sixth” it will have to arrive in six months at the 20% from the population and will cover in a year 40% with the population. The new chain also will emit in TDT within six months reaching 50% of the Spanish population.

In spite of everything, “sixth” it has been born with difficulties since the frequencies that were attributed to him for Barcelona and Granada occupy the signal of two local channels of the Vocento group - Large city TV and Ideal TV. Although the new chain must initiate its emission in April of 2006 in Barcelona and Madrid, Sixth counted on these two frequencies, but Vocento, that counts on the administrative authorization, has resorted to the High Court to protest.

Jose Montilla, minister of Industry, declared that “the Government accepts the cars of the Supreme one and does not enter at issue on the bottom of the problem” and that “precautionarily other frequencies will look for, the car does not have importance beyond a readjustment”.


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