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    RAI and Mediaset resort millionaire fines by excess publicity

    The public chain RAI and the Mediaset group have resorted before the courts the millionaire fines that the past March to them the Authority for the Communications imposed to exceed the limit of its advertizing income

    The resources have been deposited in the Regional Administrative Court of the Lazio (center) by RAI, society RTI (concessionary televising of Mediaset) and Publitalia'80 (manager of the publicity of the group), that had been fined with twenty, forty and five million Euros, respectively.

    These sums correspond to the 2 percent of the invoicing of the publicity collected in 2003, the demanded thing by the Authority for the Communications to have surpassed in a 30 percent the established advertizing limit.

    As much RAI as Mediaset (property of prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi) has rejected the sanctions to consider them incredible and unjust, and has advanced their intention to exhaust all the administrative and judicial instances in his against.

    The fines occurred to the past know 8 March, as a result of a report elaborated by the Authority in which it was denounced that the Italian market televising is controlled by the duopoly that forms RAI and Mediaset and emphasized the advertizing imbalance that it supposes.

    Public chain RAI owns three channels, the same that Mediaset (the communications group property of prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi), and so they enjoy a dominant position that already has been denounced sometimes previous by the responsible authority of the competition.

    All these channels are visible through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This).


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