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Consumers warn of the increase of prices of the TDT adapters
Associations of consumers agree in recommending the viewers not to acquire an adapter to be able to see the 20 new channels of TDT until the installation of collective antenna has not modified

In addition, it is advised to the proprietor communities to request several budgets to the antenistas, since an increase of prices is taking place.

The president of the Association of Users of Comunicación (AUC), Alexander Pear trees, declared today that before buying a TDT decoder it is necessary to have resolute the adaptation of the collective antenna through the proprietor community of the building, “because otherwise he is not going away to see nothing in the inmnesa majority of the cases”.

As far as the decoder of TDT in himself and the great fan of prices in the market (between 50 and 400 Euros), the AUC recommends to buy the cheapest decoders, because they are those that simply allow to accede to the new multi-channel supply, and at the moment the chains are not going to implamentar all the interactive capacity of the new technology --tele-shopping, digital mail, etc. --, that is the one that will only be able to take advantage with the more expensive models of decoder. “At the moment, the digital supply will be in benefits similar to the analogical one, more channels, that yes, but without more interactive possibilities than an electronic guide”, it said Pear trees.

On the other hand, Julian Uncle, specialist of CECU (Spanish Confederation of Consumers and Users), explained that they have detected an increase in the services that lend the antenistas, so that an antenna matching to TDT represents “an invoice three times superior similar services that were lent until now for reception of analogical television”.

Thus, besides beginning to adapt the collective antenna before buying the decoder, they recommend the proprietor communities to request several budgets to the antenistas, that include in addition detail to the possibilities of the new installation facing the services of added value that offers the TDT. In addition, it recommends to advance the process as far as possible, since it anticipates a progressive increase of prices by the increasing demand.

Cover of 80%

A 80% of the Spanish population will be able to receive from Wednesday the emissions differentiated for TDT, a high percentage if it considers that in France is in a 70 percent, according to a spokesman of Abertis Telecom, organization that is in charge of the transport of signals of the new programs of state scope.

This company still maintains open the negotiations with the operators to close the economic conditions of its services. In case they begin the emissions and do not reach an agreement will be the Commission of the Market of Telecomunicaciones (CMT) the one that arbitrates suitable conditions of return, informed the consuladas sources.

(EP, 28-11-05)

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