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The Benfica glides to send its television network in 2006
The club of Portuguese soccer of the Benfica sets out to send its own television network before the year end next, affirms the president of the club from Lisbon, Luis Filipe Scallop

We are going to deal with to make east reality project before the month October of 2006, said Scallop in a ceremony, declarations that the sport newspaper To Ball reproduced east Sunday.

The legendary club from Lisbon, that has more titles than any other Portuguese equipment, celebrated its centenary in 2004. White the red organization and affirms to own five million fans anywhere in the world.

The Benfica had its more glorious time in the decade of 1960, and returned to crown champion in the season last after 11 years. At present, it occupies the seventh position in the championship, with 18 points.

In case of taking to good east port project, the Benfica would be the first club of soccer of Portugal in having an own television channel, emulating to other great ones of Europe that already has their respective chains.

It is of supposition that the emission of this channel of the Benfica would be realized through Hispasat satellite (30º the West), the one that agglutinates the greater number of lusos channels through the platform TV Cabo.


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