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Eurosport will elaborate the contents of the digital sport channel of Telecinco
Telecinco closes an agreement with EurosportNews, of the Eurosport group, so that it makes information bulletins that will offer TelecincoSport, the terrestrial digital channel of the chain dedicated to the sport

TelecincoSport will in the morning program between the 7.30 and the one of the dawn news bulletins related to national and international sport events, realized by the equipment of Eurosportnews exclusively for the Spanish chain.

According to the delegated adviser of Telecinco, Paolo Vasile has explained, the information will only be itself interrupted for the emission of sport events of whose rights is proprietor or Eurosport, or the Spanish chain. In addition, the channel will not have you commercial break because, as it has recognized, not yet there are advertisers.

Telecinco has explained that the visual identity of the chain will allow to see the image complete screen whereas, in the part inferior will be a sport zone of holders with the news and results, updated minute by minute.

The chain anticipates that in bulletins of the news it occurs priority to the most popular sports with exclusive interviews, news articles and the previous ones of the competitions. Telecinco also wants to give field in this channel to the minority disciplines and to the youthful categories and has discarded that TelecincoSport is going to still offer Formula 1 due to the little penetration of the TDT in the homes.

Vasile has indicated that for its sport channel, the chain has chosen the most professional solution and, at the same time, most prudent to begin to emit as if already there was public. The delegated adviser of the chain has explained that this digital program will be in movement until becoming stabilized, will spend many years and many things, but it was important to have a base.

Angelo Codignoni, president and chief of a main directorate of Eurosport, are underlining that its agreement with Telecinco will contribute to the chain experience in international events and capacity to be in contact with the enemy with all the sport bunds and, to its company, to enter Spanish sports and to use them in the international market.

The chain also has presented/displayed TelecincoEstrellas, the second channel of TDT that will be born day 30 of November. The third party will be the one that spreads the conventional programming of Telecinco in digital technology.

That fiction channel will be a product of replacements, series, miniseries and a weekly film, according to Vasile, that also has shuffled the possibility that the preopenings of productions are offered that are going away to emit in the conventional channel.

The delegated adviser of Telecinco has been skeptical about the TDT that is born this week and that, according to is saying, will not see anybody. On the costs that stop a chain supposes the jump to the new technology, has only talked about the three million Euros that the transmission of the signal of each channel costs (nine million Euros altogether). The chains maintain with Abertis, the unique company that offers that service, one lasts negotiation because, according to Vasile, the sum that it asks for is excessive.

(the World, 29-11-05)

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