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Sixth it will invest to 500 million Euros to obtain hearing 7%
Sixth, partnership awardee of the fourth TV channel deprived of Spain, in which the Television one participates Mexican, will invest about 500 million Euros in next the five years to reach a general hearing of 7%

The executive vice-president of Television, Alfonso de Angoitia, explained that the Mexican group of communications is satisfied by this concession very with which they try to internationalize to the company, that enters Spain for the first time.

In Sixth the Spanish producers Group Tree, Mediapro, Drive, the Terrat and Bainet, grouped are integrated in society GAMP (Audio-visual Means Group of Production), that control the 60 percent of the actions and the Mexican company Television Group, with a 40%.

According to Angoitia, the analog channel the past adjudged Friday by the Cabinet of Spain will initiate its transmissions in March or April of the next year, whereas not yet there is date for the beginning of the activities of the two digital frequencies granted the group.

It assured that the decision to bet by Spain was based on the great advertizing market, in the common language, the good knowledge of the country and in the category of the partners, who considered like the correct ones.

The managers of Television affirmed that the group will appoint like adviser delegated in representation of the partnership of Spanish producers to Jose Miguel Contreras, whereas Television it will designate to the financial director later.

The business plan anticipates that Television it will disburse 200 million Euros until the 2010, date for which they try to have consolidated a hearing of 7% and to be present in 70% of the Spanish homes.

Prevén to obtain positive a financial result in the third exercise although the benefits will be reinverted in the company.

The programming will be destined to the segment of young people like a complementary channel to the other existing private chains that will multiply with the arrival of the digital televisions Spain.

The entrance from Television to Spain will allow the group that presides over Emilio Azcárraga Jean to adapt some of the programs from known the producing Spaniards the Mexican market, to use the facilities of the Mexican company to produce contents in Spain and to realize joint co-productions for the Hispanic market of the United States.

In no case, it emphasized Angoitia, Television will impose the purchase of his productions for Sixth that will be in force by market decisions to nourish its programming.

Also, the partners of Sixth will not have restrictions to sell their programs to other television networks.

He televises will contemplate the possibility of expanding in the Spanish market with the sale of contents in those segments where they are leaders in Mexico like Internet, publishing companies or radio transmitters.

Although they are partners in Mexico of the group Haste, with whom they maintain a network of transmitters, Angoitia discarded that a collaboration between the chain can take place that will operate Sixth and channel Four, property of the partnership of Jesus de Polanco, who was awardee from the third private channel.

It emphasized the great Television interest of being present in Spain due to the great size of his advertizing market of television that it considered in about 3,000 million Euros against 2,000 million that the Mexican supposes or the Hispanic segment of the United States.

It televises, that is present in the United States through its participation of 10.8% in Univisión, sees with interest its possible long term expansion the Brazilian market, said its executive vice-president.

(Agencies, 29-11-05)

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