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    RAI stops its emission in analogical through Hot IBRD

    The 28 of April were the last day in which RAI One, RAI Due and RAI Tre emitted in analogical through 13º This of the most commercial satellite of Eutelsat. As of the following day, 29 of April, the channels Italian public are only accessible in digitalis

    The three channels of RAI have been present from the month of December of 1996 in analogical one through Eutelsat Hot IBRD in the frequencies 11.363-V GHz, 11.446-V GHz and 11.531-V GHz, respectively.

    However, the Italian public chains continue emitting in FTA through same satellite with the exception of those programs with exclusive rights for Italy (basically sport transmissions).

    RAI One, RAI Due and RAI Tre, follow therefore, with norm DVB in the frequency 11.766-V GHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

    Some of the frequencies that the RAI leaves frees in analogical could be occupied by SCT - Satisfaction Chanel Television, the Italian chain that emits contents for adults, which has the intention to send a package of several channels.


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