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    Sogecable denounces a campaign to prevent that Canal+ emits in open

    The delegated adviser of Sogecable, Javier Ten of Polanco, denounced in the Senate the existence of a defamation campaign and distortion of the reality against the company directed by diverse mass media to prevent that Canal+ emits in open

    The person in charge of the company of pay television considered this absolutely disloyal and moved away attitude “of the most elementary norms of coexistence”.

    In its opinion, this campaign “only looks for purely enterprise and in some case, exclusively particular interests, after the appearance of a supposed defense of the freedom and pluralism”. Ten of Polanco were sorry that those attitudes “were not expressed when at very recent times, Sogecable underwent one of the most unworthy campaigns of harassment that has never been orchestrated against a communications group”.

    In a appearance before the Commission of the Society of the Information and the Knowledge of the Senate, Ten of Polanco said that it is “fully false” that the project of law of impulse of the TDT “contains not one disposition that favors or benefits” to the company and assured that it does not modify in any case estatus present of the company nor its concessional title. “On the contrary, if there is some beneficiary by the legal disposition in procedure is indeed some of the other operators”, it said.

    The present situation produces, said to him, “surprise and sadness” and added that “behind grandiloquent holders and supposedly informative columns they are not hidden more than I interest purely enterprise, legitimate but devoid of the supposed defense of the general interest”. “Behind it is the will of of not distributing and others to add itself to the market of the publicity that so good projections presents/displays for the next years”, it assured it based and it around the 6-7 percent of maintained form. On this point, it added that in Spain there is “advertizing saturation” and criticized that east argument is used not to give capacity to other operators.

    With respect to the request of opening of the emissions of Canal+, it indicated that “it will suppose an unequivocal benefit for the general interest, all the citizens and will favor informative pluralism, the audio-visual production, the sector of the publicity and to all the other agents”. It explained they have asked for that it to consider “certainly” that they have right to it because the sector “has been seen deeply transformed” from 1989, when Sogecable concurred to the contest. “And it is of justice to now remedy the situation that has taken place”, it added.

    It clarified that they have not asked for any new concession of television, but a modification of its license of 1989. Ten of Polanco stressed that they do not need additional phantom because they already occupy an analogical frequency for 15 years. “That is the fundamental difference of our request with which they are doing others”, it said.

    The person in charge of Sogecable insisted on which they do not demand that the law changes, neither the sheet of bases of the contest nor the more phantom but a “precise modification” of the concessional contract. “The requests that do others demand to change the law, the sheet of bases, the concessional contract and to qualify the necessary phantom”, emphasized.

    It does not delay the TDT

    Ten of Polanco assured that “against the barbarisms” that are oyendo, this modification of the concession “in anything would delay the implantation of the TDT, indeed when this company is pioneering in the implantation and development of the digital technology for the television”. For this reason, it considered “paradoxical” that some of the companies that have argued that the concession of the emission 24 hours would delay the blackout “would ask for days the immediate authorization later to emit in analogical its contents”. “We already are digital from 1997 and emitted in terrestrial digitalis from 2002. The transformation of our concession in anything affects the digitalization process”, guaranteed.

    On the other hand, in response to spokesman of PP, Mercedes Coloma, that asked if the programming of Canal+ once they are abran the emissions will be the same, Ten to him of Polanco reiterated that its intention is to make a channel “new” and added that they hope to emit in the possible “brief” term.

    Tele 5

    On the other hand, the Secretary General of Telecinco, Mario the Rodriguez, denounced in a previous appearance who “cannot be changed by surprise the game rules” and considered that if becomes, “the logical thing would be that the concession is reverted, summons a new contest and of the opportunity to which they were outside”.

    The person in charge of Telecinco considered that the concession of new analog channels will delay the implantation of the TDT “by whichever years are necessary so that the new operators recover the investment that allows them to have yield”. In its opinion, the new norm of impulse of the digital television “far from to impel prevents it seriously”.

    Rodriguez assured that the private chain is to favor “of the maximum plurality” and which are new competitors, but of which it takes place “in the analogical land”. In its opinion, “the perception exists of which this is jauja, thousands of operators, all can make programs” and it asked itself “how that becomes because we do not have nor idea”. The manager of Telecinco thought that in the present advertizing market “a new private operator is materially impossible” and was partisan of which the resources that would be destined to give entrance to more analogical competitors focus to the digital system.

    (EP, 10-03-05)

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