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    The BBC will eliminate 2,900 jobs in three years

    The BBC has announced the initial cut of 1,730 uses within a reconstruction plan with which it will try to save about 200 million Euros to the year until 2008 which, according to the chain, it will reinvert in programming

    The changes in the department of Professional Services of the corporation will affect the 980 positions that will be eliminated. In addition, other 750 workers will be replaced by contracts outside the United Kingdom.

    The BBC already had announced in past December that get ready to suppress 2,900 uses in next the three years although it has at the moment not needed how many positions will be eliminated in the information area.

    Professional services include the departments of Strategy and Distribution, Policy and Law, You finance, Property and Human Subjects of the Company, Resources and Marketing, Communication and Hearings. Altogether it is hoped to save 515 million Euros, 35 million more of those than they calculated in past December.

    “We began of strong form, which demonstrates that we bet by a serious change that it guarantees that we are going to maximize the value of our income to the benefit of the hearing”, the director of the public chain has said, Mark Thompson.

    “We needed one more a simpler BBC, operative more agile, list to take the creative leadership in fuguro digital different and with many challenges”, he has indicated.

    Thompson has explained the employees of the BBC that the Council of Governors - the organ of management of the corporation has approved the plans, although they will have to give its final approval in a meeting that will be celebrated the week that it comes.

    (the World, 11-03-05)

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