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Cyfrowy Polsat changes of system of conditional access
The Polish digital platform leaves the old system of Nagravisión codification to happen to use the one of Aladin with the aim of eradicating the piracy

The subscribers of the platform Cyfrowy Polsat in the last received months new cards for the Aladin codification created by Nagravisión with the aim of eradicating the piracy that seriously affected the development of the Polish operator.

The change takes place after Cyfrowy Polsat could state its optimal operation in certain receivers (Echostar marks) that initially had brought about certain problems of operation and that in fact they postponed the operation.

Apparently the problem was in technical questions to be able to continue using the old woman logistic decoders of Cyfrowy Polsat to which other difficulties like the financiers were united and to carry out the wished change, with the aim of eradicating the piracy that punished the development of the Polish platform, whose supply of channels distributes through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This).

The president of Cyfrowy Polsat, Dominik Libicki, has been proud by the interchange of cards and the change of the system of conditional access since he has been developed without no type of incidence that affected the aboandos of the operator.


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