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    Bad Movies, new channel for Digital Sky

    It will be the month of April when channel initiates its emissions for the east United Kingdom that has the objective to turn bad films into good television

    The channel initially will be in the air from the 9 at night to 9 in the morning and will offer another classic such as “Death Goes to School”, a thriller of 1953, and the drama of 1962 “Dangerous Charter”.

    The films of horror and others of low budget have become an obsession of world-wide cult, inspiring new versions like “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” of Daryl Hannah by 1993, or programs of television like “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and books on the subject.

    “We have not analyzed it with much depth”, said Ashley Faull, founding director of Sit up, the company of television behind the channel.

    “We only thought that there is a free space for the channels in Sky and you must make something relatively different to compete by the viewers nocturnes”, it said to Faull Friday.

    The cinematographic critic and of television Paul Ross, brother of the comedian and speaker Jonathan Ross, will present/display the films.

    For the strip between the 9 in the morning and the 9 at night, Sit up programs the Matinee channel, with films directed to a feminine public.

    Sit up, with soothes in London, already operates three channels of product sale in the British television.

    Initially the channel will emit in open through Astra2 (28,2º This) comprising of the supply of Digital Sky.


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