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    RTL anticipates a 2005 difficult one in spite of their excellent results

    The greater audio-visual means group of Europe the past registered a net benefit of 367 million Euros during year, which supposes to multiply by more than 26 14 gained million a year before

    The chain benefitted from the success of some contests and series of fiction of own production, although it underwent the effects of the weak advertizing market in Germany and Holland, its main markets. The total sales, this way, during the period were increased a 9.6% up to 4,878 million Euros. Nevertheless, if the results are observed pro forma (to comparable effects) the income fell 2.2% up to 4,926 million.

    For 2005, the advertizing market can be suffered still more. This, at least, is deduced of the words of the president of the partnership, Gerhard Zeiler, that informed yesterday that both first months of the year have given “a mixed” image with “little visibility” than it can be the exercise. “We had a difficult year in 2004 and we do not have visibility for 2005”, declared.

    RTL is property to 90% of the Bertelsmann group. The quota of screen of its channels fell to 32.9% the year last from 33.2% of 2003.

    (CincoDías, 14-03-05)

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