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The analogical Canal+ will take the name of Four
Channel Four will be a reality in May if the cabinet in his last meeting of month decides the conditions, while he follows the doubt than he can happen with NET and I SEE

It seems that the Government already has been decided. He will be in the last cabinet before Easter when the executive is decided to several the conditions for the emission of the granted channel to Sogecable so that he can come to his emission in open. And face to the Easter is done looking for the tranquility of the sector, that the possible annoyance of some does not make too much notch in the Government, since many Spaniards will be resting and they will not make too much case to which it happens in the world of means.

At the moment it follows the doubt of what it will happen with NET and I SEE. Although the last declarations of Francisco Ros aim at that it could be allowed to both to emit they wish if it in analogical, this is not possible since a study of the phantom indicates that, by the proliferation of alegales local chains, there is space no available. Clear that always transmitters can be closed, without touching possible great affected as Vocento (IT UNITES) or own Prisa (LOCALIA).

What yes it is known clearly is that the digital phantom is not touched, and now yes begin the haste because the analogical advance arrives in 2008. In addition, in case Zapatero revalidates victory… will be many the new digital channels to distribute in the present analogical phantom.

But most important of all this history, at the moment, and until the new digital concessions and the distribution of the phantom of the old one I want TV, he is that CANAL+ already is almost history like abierto channel in, and will pass to be the supply DIGITAL+ base. In May it seems confirmed that we will see a new channel: FOUR.


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