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    The autonomic television of Asturias will be cheapest of Europe

    It will operate under the Asturias mark TV, will cost 1.15 Euros to the month by person and anticipates to emit 18 hours daily for the end of the 2007, of which 4 will be of the news

    The director of the Public Being of Communication, Jose Ramon Perez Ornia, announced that the project that will start up in Asturias and that includes a television, a radio transmitter and a digital newspaper, he will be the less expensive of all the beings public of Europe, in particular and according to the budget which it will have, the informative supply will leave by 1.17 Euros by Asturian and month.

    Ornia realized these declarations in an encounter with the journalists after the appearance, for the first time, in the Commission of Control of the Public Being of the General Meeting of the Principality. The director of the autonomic television made a exhibition of the objectives and criteria, and the plan of work that he has in march of the communication project.

    Ornia emphasized that the principles reason why the autonomic TV will be in force will be those of “public service, plurality, professionalism, with Asturian contents and less expensive of the televisions”. It will be Asturian a television that will be in force by the budgetary balance. The idea continues being to begin to emit in tests agreeing with the Day of Asturias the 8 of September.


    The annual budget whereupon will count in the 2006 via transference of the budgets of the Principality will be of 15 million. According to the numbers that presented/displayed in their appearance, about 3 million will be destined to the personnel chapter who will be integrated by a group of a maximum of one hundred people of whom 30 will be journalists and between 20 and 24 they will form the directive equipment.

    This direction will be integrated by a staff composed among 5 and 7 high managers, between which it is the own Ornia, and about 17 “organic controls” with different repaying levels based on the assigned responsibility and the personnel from its position. These 17 controls will have a cost in lists of about 695,000 gross Euros to the year. The maximum repayment of the staff will be of 652,000 annual Euros. To questions of the PP on the type and quantity of its contract, Ornia made public who has a contract of high direction remunerated with 112,000 gross Euros of the year. The director of the autonomic TV wanted to make clear that “I do not come to make money”, since the repayments that will receive are, said, below which she came entering in his previous occupations.

    The chief of a main directorate alluded in several occasions to the “necessity of independence” of an audio-visual system that will lean mainly in the information and the own production, more of 50%. “If we reached the 18 hours of emission at the end of the 2006 or principles of the 2007, we will emit 4 hours daily of the news”, affirmed. Part of those news will come from the local televisions, because the Public Being, wants to lean in the average Asturian premises as well as in the Asturian producers of programs. Also the territorial center of Radio will play a fundamental role Spanish Television, with that is on the verge of signing an agreement for the use of technical and human resources.

    (The Voice of Asturias, 15-03-05)

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