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    20% of the programming of the television are publicity

    A percentage that in Spain almost promotes to 25% in the case of the prevailed ones being Tele 5 the one that spends more time to the announcements with an average of 4.3 hours daily

    The advertizing total emission in television the past month of February was of 889 hours, against the 896 hours of January, which less supposes a reduction of the 0.7 percent considering the number of days of every month.

    According to a study of the consultancy of Carat communication, in absolute terms, January they offered an average of 28.9 hours daily of publicity, whereas in February were 31.75 hours, which represents 2.85 hours of publicity more the day.

    All the television networks increased the time spent to the publicity in February with respect to the previous month, until reaching the 20 percent of average on the total of time of emission. The two chains that surpassed this average were Antenna 3 (with a 21.4%) and Tele 5 (with a 20.8%). In addition, this last one is the television network that more time of its programming dedicated to the emission of publicity with 4.3 hours to the day.

    (Agencies, 15-03-05)

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