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Chain NTDTV denounces pressures of the Chinese government

For more of a year, Beijing has not stopped to press the French government and to Eutelsat so that it retires of the W5 satellite the diffusion of the signal of the Chinese channel with soothes in the United States, according to NTDTV

The satellite Eutelsat W5 is the distributer of the signal of the programming of NTDTV for the zones of China and Asia.

According to NTDTV (New Tang Dynasty TV), the chain runs the risk of being interrupted the 6 of June after, always according to the own version of the channel, Eutelsat demands a very high price to be able to renew the continuity contract.

Reporters without Opposite already denounced in the middle of the month of March their preoccupation by the decision of the operator of Eutelsat satellites of not prolonging the contract of diffusion of the Chinese chain with soothes in the United States New Tang Dynasty (NTDTV). The organization asked to Eutelsat to continue with the diffusion of this chain that, for the organization, does not infringe law some.

NTDTV is a generalist chain that it emits in open through satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD in the frequency 11.585-V (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

According to Reporters without Borders, the authorities of Beijing accuse the channel to belong to the prohibited movement considered Falungong as a diabolic sect and whose members are repressed severely in China.

However, some observers consider that the political intentions of Beijing are those to protect their public chains (CCTV) being exerted pressures on the private groups that try to send different chains, like the chaos of the NTDTV.


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