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    The British government renews the license of the BBC until year 2016

    The canon that allows the financing of the public being imposes like condition that the BBC stops competing with the ITV and Channel 4 by the ratings of hearing with North American soap operas and telefilmes

    The BBC is going to enjoy other eleven years of provisional freedom. The Blair Government, who declared the war to the British public broadcast television not to make properly the court to Downing Street on the occasion of the invasion of Iraq, has acceded to renew until the year the 2016 canon that allows the financing of the being.

    The fiance'e reforms of the BBC has been in the end much less radical than he anticipated myself, and basically he is reduced to change the supervision structure and monitoring, eliminating the advice of twelve wise men (governors) who at present manages the corporation and simultaneously he represents the public interest. Both functions are going to be separated.

    The fears of which Tony Blair, furious by the neutrality of the BBC in Iraqian crossed his, was going to eliminate the canon of 120 annual pounds by home (about 180 Euros), that he sustains to the public broadcast television, have been unfounded. The eagerness of revenge of prime minister - and its chief of communications service, Alastair Campbell- was apparently satiated with the sacrifice of Andrew Gilligan - the controversial journalist who revealed that the intelligence services were exaggerated the Iraqian threat and the head of several managers.

    He is inevitable, indicate the experts, that someday a government or another one will waver to the pressures of mediatic groups like the one of Murdoch, as well as to the inevitable Populism of masses of viewers the more interested in contests and culebrones that in the programming of elite, and will suppress the tax that allows to the BBC to be something different from any other chain of radio and television of the world. But it has eleven years at least to plan his future and to adapt to the digital revolution. The British are divided with respect to the canon. The prostoneware, intellectuals and good part of the middle-class find logical to pay an annual rate in exchange for a television of quality and without announcements, whereas students and working-class consider it unnecessary, because they prefer the popular channels.

    In exchange for the canon, the Government has demanded the public being that stops competing with the ITV and Channel 4 by the ratings of hearing with North American soap operas and telefilmes, justifies the collection of the canon - that means about 2,800 million annual pounds with programming of quality, and that is thinking about other means of financing for the future.

    (the Vanguard, 16-03-05)

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