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    Eutelsat wants to control Hispasat

    Eutelsat owns a 27.69% of the capital of Hispasat and has a preferred option to take control of the packages that are for sale of the Spanish operator of satellites 

    For it has ordered a valuation of Hispasat to know the price that must pay to the possible salesmen. This valuation already has finalized.

    Abertis among others counts on the governmental endorsement, things because a French company is not desired that as Eutelsat takes control of the reins of Hispasat that has in its hands strategic aspects of the ministry of Defense. Auna and BBVA could even have agreed to with Abertis the future sale of their shareholder packages.

    On the other hand, the operator of telecommunications Combines stays in his intention and continues taking steps forwards to come off itself his participation of 17.64% in Hispasat. The BBVA, that controls a 10.75% of the Spanish satellite, has valued the situation and, in principle, it either does not resign to his desire to sell his shareholder package, according to informava the Newspaper of the Businesses. While, Telephone he has decided to give reverse gear and he will remain at the moment in the capital of Hispasat.

    The Hispasat System

    From its birth in 1989, HISPASAT, the Spanish operator of telecommunications by satellite, the West manages the orbital position of 30º on the Atlantic to which, recently, the Brazilian orbital position has been united 61º the West. The society at the moment operates two communications satellites (Hispasat 1C and 1D) that as much constitute the suitable support for communications between both sides of the Atlantic, offering capacity to the operators of telecommunications and broadcasters, in the civil scope, like the Spanish Ministry of Defense for their governmental applications. To these satellites the Amazon is united that is operative, on the orbital position 61º the West, from year 2004.

    The HISPASAT satellites, besides contributing to the unfolding of platforms of digital television, the distribution of radio and television, services advanced of telecommunications in enterprise surroundings or to the increase of the audio-visual supply between Europe and America, allow to the access to Internet in broadband and the development of the new associated interactive services and multimedia to the digital technology like the tele-training, distribution of contents, video and cinema under demand or videoconference of high quality.


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