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Premiere is released in stock-market
The German platform of Premiere payment begins to quote in stock-market of Franckfurt and collects 1,179 million Euros accumulating the signs of an evident recovery thanks to the rights of soccer

Premiere, with 3.250.000 million subscribers (31 of December of 2004), considers a success the exit to Stock market and announced that the subscription of titles has surpassed in 12 times the supply.

A 51.3% of the titles of Premiere quote freely in Stock market, which will facilitate to the company/signature its entrance in index MDAX of the market of Frankfurt.

Premiere was created in 1990 by the tycoon of mass media I read Kirch, that invested approximately 4,000 million Euros in the project. The lack of yield of Premiere was to a large extent responsible for the suspension of payments of the Kirch group in 2002. In 2003 the British society of risk capital Permira took the control from Premiere, after the bankruptcy of Kirch Holding company, the major produced in Germany after World War II.

The past year the company reduced its losses to 80.6 million after having lost 205.4 million in 2003. In 2001 the company registered 1,300 million losses, incapable to compete with near 30 gratuitous television channels that existed in Germany. Georg Kofler, delegated adviser of Premiere, assured in an interview that in 2006 the company will have benefits.

The company assures that approximately 8% of the homes German and Austrians are paid to Premiere. Some analysts assure that percentage will grow considering that in the United Kingdom and Ireland almost 30% of the homes are paid to a pay channel.

The rights of soccer

Premiere has acquired the rights to relay the 64 parties of the World-wide one of soccer that is disputed in Germany in 2006, 8 of them exclusively. The company is the unique German television that owns in addition the rights to relay all the soccers match of the first Germanic division (Bundesliga).


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