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Canal+ France sold TelePiú because of the piracy
The pioneering chain of payment in Europe assures that vió forced to sell its Italian branch TelePiú due to the piracy that allowed to accede fraudulently to the codified channels

Canal+ has been considering that TelePiú (at the moment Sky Italy) was pirateada by 800,000 people, which took to him for a pair of years to come off itself these channels, that they emitted through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This) using the system of Mediaguard codification.

This asseveration takes place after the past month of February a total of 17 people, some of minor them, would be judged before the French correctional court of Meaux accused to piratear the channels of the digital platforms Gallic TPS and Channel Satellite Numerique.

The verdict already has occurred to know. The correctional court of Meaux has condemned to 8 months from prison to two of the processings. One is Rodolphe and Jean, both of 24 years, the condemned also to pay to 40,000 Euros to platform TPS and 10,000 Euros by moral damage to attempt against the image of the French operator. Both condemned also will have to pay each 25,000 Euros to Canal+ France and Canal Satellite. 

Other 15 people have been also the condemned to sanctions that go of the 300 to the 500 Euros.

According to TPS, near 3,000 internauts they acceded to the information that now condemned offered through a page Web. These information allowed to accede to the decoding of the TPS channels.


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