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The prevailed ones say that the failure of the payment TV does not justify the opening of Canal+
Managers of communications groups and shareholders of private channels assure that with the possible opening of the signal of Canal+ the Government is defending interests of a certain company

Thus they exhibited Eugene Galdón, ONO president; Jose Antonio Zarzalejos, director of communication of Vocento; Paolo Vasile, delegated adviser of Telecinco, and Giuseppe Tringali, delegated adviser of Publiespaña, within III the Forum of the audio-visual industry.

Eugene Galdón, one of the impellers of Channel +, said that, whereas the commercial television is a success model, whose products they are a world-wide successful, the pay television, that was born at the same time as in other countries of Europe, he has failed. He affirmed that while in Europe the pay television arrives at the 50 or 70 percent of the homes, in Spain reaches to a 15 percent; that the governments have defended an operator “who does not work”, and who the fusion between Via Digitalis and Satelite channel also has failed, because the subscribers of first have disappeared.

Paolo Vasile affirmed that the problem in Spain is the public television, “a good television but badly managed”.

Jose Antonio Zarzalejos said that NET TV, the digital television of which Vocento is shareholder, has requested a license in abierto to be able to be in both systems and affirmed that a certain model of television in Spain has failed, against that has prevailed, “but now is somebody he wants to change the rules of the game inopportunely and questions the legality”.

He showed that he is wanted to make think that more channels in open make possible more plurality, but what really it has behind it is business and power. “There are no pluralism problems”, he said, and he added that, although he is legitimate that Channel + requests a chain in open, it is not it that “the Government allows that this channel operates in open”, and requested equality of opportunities for all.


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