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Venus replaces Sexy Hot in the platform TV Cabo
The Argentine channel for adults replaces to the Brazilian Sexy Hot from the 1 of April after TV Cabo does not prorogue the contract with the producing Globe by economic questions

Sexy Hot emitted codified through Hispasat satellite forming part of the supply of the platform lusa TV Cabo. This channel for adults next to PlayBoy TV was the two alternatives that TV Cabo offered for the followers of the television for adults. Sexy Hot disappears of TV Cabo leaving an average hearing of 10,000 daily spectators.

The reason for the continuity of Sexy Hot in TV Cabo does not obey to economic questions demanded by the Brazilian producer Globe.  

History of Venus

Been born from the hand of Claxson in December of 1994 like the first channel codified for adults of Latin America. During this time, Venus has passed several stages from its creation, but always it assumed the roll of vanguard and generator of changes in the perception of the viewers. With a programming based on thematic cycles and the variety and boldness like main arguments, the channel has not stopped growing and consolidating, in contrast to other proposals of cinema hardcore that at different moments aspired to become competition.

I read Vieytes, Manager of Programming and Operations of the channel, affirm: “The success of Venus responds to a combination of different factors. But without doubts, the greater merit is than not only it has accompanied the evolution by the public, but it contributed actively to that process took place, demolishing prejudices and staying to the vanguard in everything what talks about to entertainment for adults in Latin America.”

On Venus

The channel emits the 24 hours of the day during all the week. The grill of its programming is divided in 30 thematic cycles of cinema for adults.

Its programming organizes according to the demands and habits of its hearing, that the channel knows deeply thanks to its high interactivity. From its structured programming in thematic cycles and 100% hardcore, Venus offers a space for each sort, with variable productions and of high quality. The diversity of the origin and sorts of their catalog, allow Venus to consolidate like a channel vanguardista and innovating, evaluated and chosen by the adult public.


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