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The European Union acts to avoid the incitement to hatred in audio-visual means
The case of the channels To Manar and more recently, Sahar 1, prohibited by the French authorities to promote racial hatred, illustrates the necessity to act as much jointly in Europe as in other regions of the world

The national authorities of regulation of the audio-visual sector sent in Brussels a Pan-European action destined to fight the incitement to hatred in the audio-visual programs.

Between the adopted measures it appears the reinforcement of the cooperation and elintercambio of information with the purpose of to guarantee the fast, effective and coherent application of the dispositions of the EU that guarantee the freedom of the mass media, on the one hand, and prohibit the emissions which they encourage hatred, on the other.

The audio-visual authorities invited to the European Commission within the framework to consider east problem of the proposals of modernization of the European Directive “Television without borders” that east year will present/display.

In his opinion, the case of the TV channels “To Manar” and, more recently, “Sahar 1”, prohibited by the French authorities to promote racial hatred, illustrates the necessity to act jointly to fight against racial and religious hatred, as much in Europe as in other regions of the world.

The right to the freedom of expression and information, that it register in the European Letter of Fundamental Rights and that comprises of the European Constitution, constitutes the angular stone of a democratic and pluralistic society, in particular in the audio-visual scope, emphasized the commissariats of Sciences of the Information, Viviane Reding.

The respect of the human dignity is, nevertheless, an equally important European value. We cannot therefore to tolerate audio-visual contents racist in Europe, added.

With this agreement, the regulating authorities of the 25 Member States of the EU, countries candidates and Member States of the Economic Space Europeointercambiarán information, by means of national meeting points, on the chains authorized following its respective competitions.

The incentives to hatred for reasons of race, sex, religion or nationality are prohibited by the communitarian Right and, in particular, by article 22 twice of the Directive “Television without 1989 borders”. The Member States are the people in charge of the chains, which includes the television networks of third parties countries that use a frequency, the capacity of a satellite or an ascending connection under their control.


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