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Telecinco and Antena 3 against the concession of Canal+
The two private chains will go to the courts if finally the Government authorizes that Canal+ changes its system of emission and can offer in open the totality of its programming

The two deprived generalist chains consider that decision of the Executive would alter the televising market radically and would repel negatively in its advertizing income, with the consequent reduction of their economic benefits.

“I am not right any to doubt that the Administration will guard by the good of all and perhaps is premature to speak of courts”, indicated yesterday Jose Manuel Lara, president of A-3 TV, who, in any case, I emphasize immediately that if treaties by the Government feel unjustly they have “all the right to defend the shareholders” of his companies.

The president of Tele 5, Alexander Echevarría, went butcher when assuring that still more in the case of changing him the type of license to Canal+ they will go “to all the pertinent courts. We hope to win --it added-- that legal lawsuit”.

Antenna 3 TV and Tele 5 considered that the emission in open of Canal+ would mean that a same company, Haste, would own the monopoly of the pay television through Digital+ and a generalist chain, which would suppose a situation of “dominion of the competition”, according to Maurizio Carlotti, delegated adviser of 3 Antenna TV.

Also they denied that a new abierto television in implies an increase of “pluralism”, since Spain “is the plural country of Europe”, in words of Carlotti.

The alternative solution that proposes is that the beginning of the terrestrial digital TV is accelerated, that will allow to emit a multiplicity of channels. According to the most optimistic calculations, this system will take at least three years in being operative.

“He is a little while ideal to happen from a system to another one, since the prevailed ones are at a good moment and the public ones in reconstruction”, Paolo Vasile considered, of Tele 5.

In support of its theses, they presented/displayed a study made by Deloitte on the number of operators and channels that there are in the main European countries. For Echevarría, the data indicate that Spain “has the audio-visual model of greater competition and plurality of Europe”.


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