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14% of the Spanish homes already have digital TV
Almost 2.3 million Spanish homes had digital television at the end of 2004, against 21% of average in the European Union of fifteen members, according to a realized report to the Administration

In contrast to the situation of Spain it emphasizes the case of the United Kingdom, where 57% of their homes (14.4 million) have digital TV, which supposes, in addition, 42% of all the European homes with this technology, which they ascend to 34.6 million.

Heading the group of countries leaders in the old continent it appears Ireland, that it has 31% of homes with digital TV, followed by Sweden (27%), Norway (23%), Finland (22%) and France (21%). With a proportion similar to the Spanish are Germany (14%) and Denmark (14%).

Finally, the countries with a smaller implantation of the digital television in the homes are Italy (12%), Austria (10), Holland (7%), Belgium (7%), Luxembourg (7%), Portugal (7%), Greece (7%) and Switzerland (4%), that the table closes.

The report also reveals that in the first semester of 2004 there were almost 3.2 million subscribers to TV of payment in Spain, of which more than 1.6 million they corresponded to the satellite (Digital+), which supposes 51.5% of the total; little more of a million to the cable (32.3%), essentially of Ono (355.000) and It combines (292.000); whereas the means million rest corresponds to the analogical Canal+ (16.2%).

The experts summoned by the Administration who integrate Gaptel warn that the digitalization process is, “without a doubt, the great challenge for all the agents of the audio-visual sector”.

In addition, they aimed that in the new stage of the digital TV, the television, like present equipment in all the homes, must “play a role important in the implantation of the Society of the Information to help to overcome the traditional barrier of penetration of PCs in Spanish homes”.

The study has been realized by the Group of Prospective Análisis and of the Telecommunications (Gaptel) for the Administration.


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