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SkyVision becomes the first client of the new Astra satellite 4A
The satellite, that will be operative in its orbital position of 37,5° This in April, will allow SkyVision to use two transponders to extend its services of connectivity IP on Africa

SES ASTRA, GLOBAL company of SES (that quotes in Euronext de Paris and stock-market of Luxembourg: SESG) gives to the welcome to SkyVision like the first client of the ASTRA 4A. The ASTRA 4A on board is made up of a payload of 33 transponders del satellite AMERICOM-12 (AMC-12), that was sent the 3 of February of 2005 and has been optimized to give cover from C band to all the African continent. It is predicted that the satellite is operative, in his orbital position of 37,5° This, in April of 2005.

SkyVision has contracted to two transponders in satellite ASTRA 4A to quickly extend its services of connectivity IP on Africa, and in particular on all Central Africa and throughout western Africa (including South Africa).

To combine forces with SES ASTRA is another step in the commitment of SkyVision to more provide last in connectivity of Internet, offering the constant tracks of cover of great power for competitive services based on exceptional results for all the segments of clients of SkyVision, from the greatest carriers of telecommunications, small suppliers of services of Internet, to corporative users.

The commitment of SkyVision to distribute an exceptional quality to the suppliers of services has put to the company at the top at the time of looking for unique and innovating solutions, to size for the segments of its key clients. Satellite ASTRA 4A of SES satisfies its criteria for unique solutions:

It operates from the operator of greater global satellite recognized by his service of high quality.

The satellite operates with the best configuration of redundancy available in control functions keys, e.g units redundancy SPC 2;

It offers a multiregional cover (Africa and South America) with connectivity and connections from Europe and EE.UU.

It offers to SkyVision the possibility of combining the connections of EE.UU and Europe for optimal results and operational redundancy through a great number of transponders.

“the ASTRA 4A abre an ample range of possibilities for SkyVision”, I declare Mark Gazit, CEO of SkyVision. “We constantly try to extend our cover on Africa. Our objective is to advance us to the expectations of our clients. To unify our forces with those of SES ASTRA is a step it jeopardize with the purpose of to offer a superb combination of quality and veracity with the service unique cost-effectiveness of SkyVision”, added.

Ferdinand Kayser, President and CEO of SES ASTRA, I declare: “We give the welcome to SkyVision, like our first client of the ASTRA 4A. Thanks to this new satellite of high power formed for Africa, the clients of SkyVision will benefit from the competitiveness margin that offers the extraordinary communications by satellite”.


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