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Spain is the fourth European country in television consumption
The adult Spaniards pass an average of 222 minutes to the day in front of the small screen, only surpassed in time by Italian, Greek and English, according to the report Means Consumption in Europe 2004

Another one of the sections of the mentioned study affects the sport Europe and concludes that the Spaniards prefer the television to inquire into soccer (63%), followed of the friendly and newspapers.

In Spain, 55% of the time that the Spanish televisions destine to sport broadcastings dedicate to the soccer football. Tennis is the second sport that appears more, followed thirdly by the basketball.

Infome indicates, in addition, that the average Spaniards are those that more benefits reach in the Old Contienente. Thus, Tele 5 occupies the sixth position as far as the gratuitous chains with majors benefits. The 592 million Euros that won in 2004 are far still of the 3,147 of the German RTL, who heads the ranking.

By population and investment in publicity, Spain is the fifth European market. Like it happens in Portugal, the newspapers only arrive at little a 40% of the adult population. In fact to this means a third of the net investments in publicity is destined less than.


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