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MTV Spain renews its programming
The chain power its own production with the launching of programs like MTV Kabuki, lead by Guillem Caballé, and the incorporation of Artur Palomo, new video-jockey of Select MTV

MTV reestrena Spain like renewed bet of channel of youthful entertainment, in which best music goes of the hand of an attractive and original programming in which they enjoy special protagonism the programs of own production, the new series and reality shows. MTV Kabuki, the breaker space of Guillem Caballé that will be emitted at noon, is the main newness of this new era of MTV Spain, a televising explosion for most demanding.

MTV Spain presents/displays interesting new features without leaving of side the best music of the moment. A modern, present, dynamic and funny programming with an unstoppable equipment of VJ' s: Guillem Caballé, Deborah Ombres, Johann Wald, Cristina Urgel and Artur Palomo.

The potential and the leadership of the programs of MTV Spain are reinforced with new plates, with funny and novel scenery, interesting sections, stellar, surprising guests looks and contents and a renewed grill to adapt to the rate of life of youngest. Select MTV incorporates new presenter and scenery, Deborah leads the space of variable sex more and to new programs and series like Laguna Beach are sent and the fabulous life of….

Guillem Caballé, signing star of MTV Spain for MTV Kabuki

MTV Kabuki is the great bet of MTV Spain for the new stage that today begins. His presenter is the new signing of the chain: Guillem Caballé.

MTV Kabuki is a program with format talk show that approaches present time subjects and that it wants to be near the young people, interacting through funny exits to the direct street and with calls and messages in of the viewers thinking on the subject of the day. MTV Kabuki has collaborator of luxury and stellar interviews and guests: peculiar, sport singers, personages and personages several. The gallant present time, connections with the outside of the hand of Maldo, the craziest reporter, which nobody thinks that it can be in Internet, sports of risk, the best moments of the programs and the series of MTV of greater success; all this is MTV Kabuki that is emitted in direct of 14:00 to 15:00 hours, of Monday through Friday.

Select MTV appears again with new scenery and presenter

Select MTV also appears again with a renewed plate and a new presenter, Artur Palomo, that next to Cristina will create the perfect pair so that the afternoons in the television are funny, entertainments and by far rate. Select MTV, that will turn cincos years the next month of September with more than 1000 programs to its backs, has consolidated like a referring one in the musical television for the young people among 15 and 25 years. The musical present time is its main resource and the interaction with the young people its tool. Opening of videos, exclusive rights, interviews, the news, calls, emails, news articles, competitions, exits to the outside and entertainment with music like wire are the main tricks of Select MTV that from now on will continue being their main axis, that yes, adapting at the present moment and creating a greater interactivity with the spectators.

Deborah and sex, the program sharper nocturne

Deborah Ombres renews its program with new collaborators and stellar guests. This peculiar televising space, that sent the 15 of April of 2004, is an initiative that it directly connects with the interests of the spectators. Irreverent, funny and informative, it counts on the support of a new sexóloga, Maite Márquez, that will solve the doubts and problems that arise in the program.

One is to make a program alive and participating that will dive in all the universe that surrounds on the matter to the sex and the subjects of the present time. Led by Deborah Ombres, great signaller who counts on the complicity of all type of hearings, it will touch to a subject different every day to divide del that will be generated questions in direct, news articles, investigation, practical interviews to groups, videos, consults in direct with the sexólogo and a practice and peculiar agenda of the erotic restaurants, sex-shops, it striptease and essential similars of each city.

The new MTV series arrive

Laguna Beach and the fabulous life of…, is some of the openings of MTV Spain in their new stage. With Laguna Beach, MTV is entered more in the life of a gang of eight rich adolescents and cool in one of the richer coastal zones of the world. Their lives will be interlaced of the most unexpected way. Laguna Beach is the paradise, why somebody would want to leave it? The answer is in the experiences that share this friendly group, in which the celebrations, the relations, the love and the small injustices of their city are mixed, the place in which the majors will take place tangles, Laguna Beach, California.

On the other hand, the fabulous life of… allows a frenetic route in first class by the extreme life of rich and famous and its incredible whims: its train of life VIP with face creams of 1,000 dollars, fleets of cars, mastodónticas property and multimillionaires wardrobes. Each episode concentrates in particular in famous or a subject. Throughout the series we will be able to see episodes about Britney Spears, superstars of Hip Hop, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and stars of the MGP, like the brothers Hilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Victoria and David Beckham, P Diddy, Justin Timberlake, and another famous superderrochones.

(NP, 29-03-05)

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