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The Audio-visual Council in opposition to the purchase of the 100% of Channel 4 by Haste
The Audio-visual Council is not in agreement with the purchase of the 100% on the part of Pretesa (of the Group Haste) of Channel 4 Navarre, proprietor of Channel 4 Digitalis

The Audio-visual Council is not in agreement with the purchase of the 100% on the part of Pretesa (of the Group Haste) of Channel 4 Navarre, proprietor of Channel 4 Digitalis, company awardee of one of the two concessions of the Navarrese digital television (the other was for Channel 6).

The Council considers that the company must have previously requested authorization to the Administration. Pretesa, that had 51% of Channel 4, bought in June 49% rest. Nevertheless, there is no agreement between the Navarrese Government and the Audio-visual Council on if it must and who must authorize this shareholder change, reason why the advisory organ has requested a report to the legal services of the Parliament clarifies that it.

The Audio-visual Council of Navarre is an independent organ that guards by the fulfillment of the audio-visual norm in Navarre. One is an organism abierto to all the implied sectors in the audio-visual activity: administrations, organizations, companies and citizenship.

Haste sets out to finish with all the “channels the four” premises

One of the last subjects that Haste/Sogecable they must solve before starting up the new baptized abierto signal in like Channel Four, is the trade name. Although the names of a local signal with a national are not incompatible, in Haste they do not want that its new denomination is related to the series of channels four that flood the local waves and that nothing they have to do with the Polanco factory. It is for that reason that the Group has begun a campaign to change all these names. The first step has been to buy the 100% of a signal in Pamplona.

In this Independent Community Haste by means of its Pretesa branch took control of 100% of the local signal Channel Four. Besides the present problems of administrative authorization, that the Navarrese Audio-visual Council alleges to Haste, the Group of Jesus de Polanco only hopes to have the tranquility to be able to change the name to his signal. This Navarrese Channel Four finishes besides obtaining a license for the TDT of the region.

This way, of direct or indirect form in Prisa and Sogecable already they have realized a national sounding to know all the channels four existing. The idea is not to make them disappear, but simply force its name change, so that they do not interfere in the image of new the Canal Plus in open. Lack still the administrative license, nevertheless, in the Group does not want to let any end loose to worry only about the programmatic contents when finally the concession arrives from Channel Four.

Legally any impediment does not exist so that chains of different geographic demarcation and national scope, have the same commercial name, nevertheless, in Sogecable, see this situation like a problem, since they do not want that them relations with local chains that little they have to do with the new project.

According to it informs the PRNoticias vestibule, in the sight of Sogecable, is Channel Four of Madrid, a signal of recent appearance that at the moment emits only musical videos and something of quiromancia.


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