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60% of the equipped British homes with a digital receiver
More than 14.5 milones of homes of the United Kingdom has a decoder to as much receive the signal of the digital television with an amplest supply of channels of payment as gratuitous

Thus it is come off the data of the fourth trimester of year 2004, that they indicate that 59.4% of the British homes could receive the channels of the digital television when being equipped with an apparatus decoder, is this of payment or rent.

The competition of Sky Digital and FreeView

In the United Kingdom they compete the platform of payment Sky Digital and FreeView.

FreeView, is a gratuitous platform of channels deprived public and that can be seen to a large extent by analogical satellite or in terrestrial. The majority emits in a great quality of video (panoramic) and audio. The United Kingdom is one of the first countries in betting by the terrestrial digital television, fact that has brought about the appearance of this platform and the popularization of the TDT.

More than 100,000 subscribers to the month they are subscribing the services of the British platform of terrestrial digital television (TDT), Freeview, according to the last data of the BBC, which means the greater growth in the history of the pay television.

The platform at the moment has 1.6 million subscribers, between whom are the old subscribers to the payment platform TDT, Digital ITV, and the new ones “in open”. Near 74% of the viewers of Freeview they have more than 35 years, whereas 40% are majors of 55 years.

The immense majority of them is not interested in paying to watch and it has moved to them to subscribe to this platform the fact of the simplicity of the installation and handling of the equipment and the low costs. The platform is promoted by the BBC and other British groups of communication, like Carlton.

Digital Sky, the majority

The British platform entered only during the last trimester of the past year 192,000 new discharges, when the forecasts located like ceiling the 180.000. Digital Sky has 7.600.000 subscribers at the moment and the objective is to reach the 8 million subscribers before finishing this year.

The new product of the group, Sky +, has been a great success, according to its people in charge. One is an interactive service that allows to register the television programs automatically.

The supply of Digital Sky is accessible through satellite Astra 2 (28,2º This) and although the majority of their channels is codified, they do some it in open (commercial) and are accessible from Spain.


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