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The autonomic TV of Aragon to end of year
The Aragonese Government recognizes that he was mistaken in the predicted terms and now says that the autonomic television will begin its official emissions at the end of year

A few months ago one made sure that the commercial emission could begin in October, agreeing with the celebrations of the Pillar. The public being wants that in December the signal reachs more from 94% of the Aragonese territory.

With respect to the labor situation of the professionals who serve their in the autonomic broadcast television, the vice-president of the Government of Aragon, Jose Angel Bienne noticed that the television is not a public Administration, but a public service, and does not have why to work civil service, to which added that the television will not be onerous.

Also he expressed that if we want a television that does not rescind an order economically, we have to do what one becomes in other Independent Communities, and the other Communities go in this line, and insisted on which it is a model with reduced personnel. Also it assured that there are services public who lend themselves by private companies and as example said that Cortes is a public institution, but the cleaning is private.

Nevertheless, with the autonomic television they abren to very important possibilities of development in the audio-visual sector, since they are going away to make more productions, which means that the scope of action of the professionals of the audio-visual sector is being extended.


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