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The Latin American channels of Olisat do not finish starting
The channels disappear that they emitted through Eutelsat W3A (7º This) after the Olisat platform informed some weeks ago of the migration into these from the satellite Hot IBRD

The supply of Latin American channels on the part of the Olisat platform finishes without rennet bag. The good intentions continue being in that, in good intentions. The last we found it nonsense in the disappearance of the channels Continental Venevisión, TV Colombia and TV Chile of the satellite Eutelsat W3A.

These same channels also emit in open through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequency 11.304-H GHz.

According to the own platform adducing to technical reasons informed at the time and for an improvement of the service, these channels would only be accessible through Eutelsat W3A in the frequency 11.345-H GHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4), aspect that now is denied if we rely on its disappearance.

Olisat also informed that these channels will again return to be codified through system Irdeto 2.

Olisat does not finish taking off

In spite of the good intentions of its people in charge with the aim of making arrive at Europe a supply of Latin American television channels, the certain thing is that after several years the project does not finish rennet bag. These channels have emitted to date always through satellite Hot IBRD, sometimes in abierto and others in codified, but the lack of continuity of the project can make think that the perspective are not very flattering.


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