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RTL Group denies their possible participation in Canal+
The greater audio-visual means group of Europe describes as pure speculations its possible entrance in the shareholders of the Group Canal+ France

RTL Group denies the speculations that aim at a possible participation of their company in the pioneering chain of payment in Europe, participation that could be of until the 17%. 

According to a RTL spokesman, one is pure speculations that have not wanted to confirm nor to deny, although financial analysts consider that she is a maneuver to accelerate the negotiations.

These rumors prodcen weeks after the own German group confirmed its intention to introduce itself in the pay television of Spain and other European countries.

Most powerful the German company

RTL Group is the greater audio-visual means group of Europe. During the past year it registered a net benefit of 367 million Euros, which supposes to multiply by more than 26 14 gained million a year before.

RTL is property to 90% of the Bertelsmann group. The quota of screen of its channels fell to 32.9% the year last from 33.2% of 2003.


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