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The experts against more TV analogical in Spain
They affirm that the new concessions would delay the terrestrial digital plan whereas the Association of Users of the Communication understands that the extension does not harm until the analogical blackout takes place, predicted for the 2010

Four of the five experts summoned by the Congress to think on the project of law of the Government who promotes the impulse of the terrestrial digital television (TDT) questioned the possibility that yesterday the Executive grants one or two new analogical television channels. All of them agreed in which the existence of more channels of this type, which they would be added to the three present ones (Antenna 3 5 TV, Tele and Canal+), will suppose a delay in the implantation of the TDT.

The unique discordant voice was the one of Alexander Pear trees, member of the Association of Users of Comunicación (AUC), that took part following a proposal by the PSOE. It assured that the new channels will alleviate “an excess of demand of advertizing occupation that the chains cannot satisfy”.

The director of Contents of A-3 TV, Silvio González, considered that to try to impel the TDT and to grant licenses of TV in analogical he is like “blowing and sucking simultaneously”. González protested, among others measured, the National Technical Plan of the TDT, so that the private operators know which will be the scene in which they will have to play.


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